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About Us

Alma Mobile is your growth department at rent.

Our Mission

Become a strategic partner for app developers, startups and SaaS that want to launch or grow their business, adopting rapid experimentation strategies and focusing on growth key performance indicators.

Our Approach

We love numbers, they never lie! At each step of your product cycle you need to focus on marketing indicators to monitor the return on your investments. No matter what your KPI is (cost per install, cost per acquisition, retention, active users, LTV, ARPU, ...) we help you build a strategy to achieve your goals. You can rely on us because we share the risk of success with you. You win, we win.

Our Strenghts

We have long term experience in digital performance marketing and big data. Save investments before touching real results and stay with us as long as you wish to. An unbinding and low risk commitment will give you time to focus on your product.

8 + years experience
400 K active users
20 % increase in revenues
100 % customer satisfaction

Our solutions

If you are looking for a translation, a full localization service or paid user acquisition you are in the right place.

The first thing you need to do to drive more downloads for your app in Italy is localization. If your app's strategy strongly relies on organic downloads this is your option. We offer a localization package which includes: app translation, app store listing review, community management and content marketing. You get all done in a week time and we will support you for at least 4 months, all in one offer.

If your app is already translated into Italian and you want to increase your users base, this is the fastest option you can chose. We can provide up to 1.000 downloads for iOS and Android daily for pay per install campaigns. The safest way to get real results at the lowest risk.

Our experience is at your disposal. We can build custom project for localizing businesses in Italy. We are constantly looking for brilliant ideas for e-commerces or apps that are missing in Italy. We can help you scaling a new country with very convenient and professional help.



"Apps are re-shaping our lives. They embrace the power of simplicity and succeed in bringing close to technology even the most reluctant ones. We want to help people with good ideas reach a wide audience, experimenting growth strategies and keeping a close look at monetization solutions."

Lara Kersbamer
Lara Kersbamer

"The app market is a competitive place. Getting users to download your app is only the first step. If your app does not meet users' expectations, it won’t last very long. Investing in mobile user experience will give you a competitive advantage like no other."

Marianna Stefenelli
Marianna Stefenelli


We bring new downloads to your app and optimize your campaigns to achieve your goals.

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Keyword Advertising
Native ads
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